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I do color grading from 2006, working initially as colorist assistant using da vinci 2K and telecine, then film scanning and finally managing digital files on Da Vinci Resolve. These experiences made me aware of the potential and the limits of a frame. I have followed some senior colorists and learned from their experience and their taste to create my personal approach to grading.

Graduated in Arts, Cinema, Music and Theater at “Università degli Studi di Firenze”, I have also studied piano and violin, painted canvases for many years and exhibited my pictures. I’m happy to combine my several passions into a single profession and doing color grading considering both the technical aspects and the emotional implications. I actually work as a freelance around Milano.

Color science @ Cintel Italy with Michael Chenery
Color Looks @ International Colorist Academy, London, with Kevin Shaw
Advanced Color Harmony @ International Colorist Academy, London, with Kevin Shaw
HDR Colorist Masterclass @ International Colorist Academy, Frankfurt, with Kevin Shaw


Color Grading